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Spearheaded by Joaquim de Macedo Pinto Peres Ventura, the vineyard is his lifetime project. Supported by Patricia Almeida Peres in marketing and sales, they share a love for the simplicity of life and find inspiration in nature. Together, they work towards creating high-quality wines, making their vineyard not just a business, but a legacy bound by family values and a shared vision for excellence.

Garrafa Noemi

NOÉMI – A family tribute

Like a woman in a man's world, it had to be a white wine in the world of red ones. A winner!

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Two minutes @ Quinta do Espinho

Quinta do Espinho Douro. Step by step. Inspired by Nature. Wines made by people, for people. The sixth generation in the Douro.

Quinta do Espinho

Six Generations

Counted in in the first world wine region officially laid out in 1757, by order of the "Marquês de Pombal"