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An environmental partnership that offers sustainable conditions to quality wines

Quinta do Espinho

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Joaquim De Macedo Pinto Peres Ventura

Joaquim de Macedo Pinto Peres Ventura


Quinta do Espinho is the great project of his life.

Patricia Almeida Peres

Patrícia Almeida Peres

Sales & Marketing

Loves simplicity, Nature is her main source of inspiration.

Enólogo Jean-Hugues Gros

Jean-Hugues Gros


He found out a wine potential in this region , thus developing several high quality wines.

Six Generations

Counted in in the first world wine region officially laid out in 1757, by order of the “Marquês de Pombal”

Two minutes @Quinta do espinho

The new Quinta do Espinho project is located at the mouth of Távora and began more than 30 years ago.

Step by Step

The Quinta do Espinho project, the vineyard and wine-producing property are now entering a new chapter.


Quinta do Espinho’s wine-making process extends from the selection and carriage of grapes to the winery