Nature & partnership

In the mid-80s the reconstruction of the farm started and numerous alterations were made, namely the precise cut terraces on the hillsides, the mechanization of part of the vines and the conversion of the old winery. Simultaneously, a sustainable vineyard model was adopted, which privileges the single vine line installed on the exterior side of each terrace, with a very small longitudinal inclination to avoid water drainage and soil erosion, easing machinery access to the detriment of herbicide use.

To further reinforce our “terroir” natural characteristics the bushes’ edges and the orchard areas and forest production were maintained. These act as connecting corridors to neighbour territories of ecological compensation to help birds, bees and other insects nest and the planting of cover plant vines and secondary cultures.

Great wines are made in partnership with nature.


Our partnership with nature is the foundation that sustains the quality of our wines.

The investments that were undertaken allowed modernizing the vines, which are separated into independent parts with traditional Douro varieties.

The planted grapes variety is a selection of high-quality red castes that are adapted to the development conditions of the hillside on the north of the farm. The dominant castes in Quinta do Espinho are Touriga Franca (35%), Touriga Nacional (25%), Tinta Roriz (20%), Tinta Barroca (8%), Tinta Francisca (5%), Alicante Bouschet (5%) and Tinto Cão (2%).

Our grapes also produce prime quality Port wine. And we are very proud of being Taylor’s preference, every year.