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Garrafa Noemi

NOÉMI – A family tribute

Like a woman in a man’s world, it had to be a white wine in the world of red ones. A winner!

Equipa da vindima

Grape harvest at Quinta do Espinho

The crop, transport, foot treading, fermentation…. at last the grape harvest.


Bees pollenating vines

We believe in Nature, People and Roots as our particular inspirors to reach the highest quality.

“ampara”the conduction and pruning of the new branches


After the pruning, the first sprouts start coming up and then the flower and the pollination and, in the end, the fruit is born in the beginning of May.

Camila, foto

Douro “warriors”

Douro’s oldest vines (1750), planted in traditional terraces supported by stone walls, were built by hand by the Douro “warriors”.



February we were really busy pruning at Quinta do Espinho.The pruning is an important task on the vineyard and is the cutting of branches and preview that this brunches don´t grow wild.

Fotografia do abrolhar dos gomos dormentes desde o Outono

The beginning of a new vegetative cycle of the vine

In March, a new vegetative cycle of the vine begins with “the weeping of the vine”. The flowering period begun in the first weeks of May.

Quinta do Espinho vinho douro

The “Whitest white”

The agency Moon Lisboa did our last campaign for our Quinta do Espinho white wine, Noémi, and Quinta do Espinho Reserve red.

Prémio Quinta do Espinho

Our stars of the week

The results from the 11th edition of the Sommelier Wine Awards are out and we are winners!


Harvest 2016

Quinta do Espinho wine making process extends from the selection and carriage of grapes to the winery in containers of up to 25-kg (55 lbs.)