Amazing & elegant

Garrafa Quinta do Espinho Grande Reserva

Grande Reserva

Timeless elegance
Fotografia de garrafa Quinta do Espinho Sénior 2019

Sénior 2019

Two varieties
Garrafa Reserva quinta Espinho


Powerful and with character

Reserva Branco

Freshness and elegance
Garrafa Quinta do Espinho Colheita


Instinct with (Douro) character
Garrafa Quinta do Espinho Noémi


A family tribute
Vinho Camila


A tribute

Quinta do Espinho wines are single Quinta (estate) table wines, traded since 1996.

Our aim is to reach niche markets characterized by consumers who appreciate innovative table wines crafted in a modern and ripe style, excited about remarkable terroirs, grape varieties and oenology and winemaking character. Consumers are prepared to pay a premium for higher quality, environmentally friendly and healthier wine.

Our wines are high-quality Quinta wines (Domaine wines), made with our own selected grapes from a distinctive combination of varieties, in complete control of the production cycle, from grapes selection to winemaking and bottling.

Our wines also reflect the investments made in the recovery of the old “Lagares” (wide, thigh-deep granite treading tanks) and a state-of-the-art winery, completed in 2011. We favour the combination of the traditional method of winemaking and temperature control, in “Lagares” with the most modern winemaking and maturation technology, in casks or stainless steel vats, depending on the wanted wine.