Step by step

The new Quinta do Espinho project started nearly 30 years ago. Located at the mouth of the Távora with the left bank of the Douro, the vineyard and wine-producing property is now entering a new chapter, one that asserts its modern take on a traditional style of Douro wine production.

In 1985 one of the branches of the Macedo Pinto family tree decided to implement a recovery plan for Quinta do Espinho. Over 30 years have passed and, since then, much has changed, and for the better. Instead of the old terraces (“Patamares”) that died out and were abandoned during Phylloxera, we can see modern “Patamares”, planted with the most suitable single grape variety plots.

Besides the vineyard quality, the daily life of the farm is based on the principles of sustainable management, the maintenance of corridors of ecological compensation and increase of biodiversity, orchard areas, orchards and weeds.

Nowadays, all our wine is vinified in our own cellar (recovered and restored to the image of the original 18th century), using the most modern wine technologies, under the expert eye of our winemaker.

This is a project that still has a way to go, thus investing in the next generation is vital for the long-term prosperity of the Quinta do Espinho. Both generations think confidently that the past investments in grapes, “terroir”, and oenology and viticulture practices, now reflect the wine quality, full of Douro’s characteristic profile of richness and complexity, and that the key strategy to its success is to foster synergies with external entities and other producers.

That’s the new challenge!