After the pruning, the first sprouts start coming up and then the flower and the pollination and, in the end, the fruit is born in the beginning of May.

At this stage, the works on the vineyard are called “ampara” the conduction and pruning of the new branches that are essential to a balanced vine, to receive light, to control its strength and levels of productivity and to provide adequate conditions for grape maturation.

According to regional terminology, the “ampara” is orienting and securing the new branches with wicker or rushes to the simple or double wiring that is immediately above the conducting wire. It is extremely important that this operation is executed at the right time and as soon as possible, because the growth is very fast at this stage.

Note:  According to a time sequence, the following interventions in the vine and production are usually considered: removal of water shoots, vegetation orientation, nipping, removing of outer leaves (when needed) and thinning of bunches (when needed).