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Quinta do Espinho

Quinta do Espinho is a family-led vineyard in Douro, encapsulating a lifelong passion for winemaking. It’s where traditional methods meet modern technology to produce distinct wines, reflecting the rich terroir and a family’s shared vision for excellence​.

“ampara”the conduction and pruning of the new branches


After the pruning, the first sprouts start coming up and then the flower and the pollination and, in the end, the fruit is born in the beginning of May.



February we were really busy pruning at Quinta do Espinho.The pruning is an important task on the vineyard and is the cutting of branches and preview that this brunches don´t grow wild.

Fotografia do abrolhar dos gomos dormentes desde o Outono

The beginning of a new vegetative cycle of the vine

In March, a new vegetative cycle of the vine begins with “the weeping of the vine”. The flowering period begun in the first weeks of May.